The challenge in 2010 was to replace three graduated seniors Ed Donnelly, Jeff Hosan, and Josh Kays of all whom had qualified for States. Senior Woo Kim arrived to preseason very fit and he was the #1 runner the entire season. In addition soccer player, Erick White decided to dual sport and he took to cross country immediately. The team faced three strong opponents. Two of them we faced in our first league meet, Penncrest and Lower Merion. The third, Conestoga, we would meet in our last dual meet. Without Erick White the team defeated Penncrest by 1 point and Lower Merion by 5. Excellent running behind Woo Kim from Jared Gross, Jon Kays, Ryan Thompson, and Jeff Mogavero saved the day. A week later we finally evened up the series for “the Shoe” 30 to 30”with an easy win over Upper Darby. At the Paul Short Invitation Conestoga had its’ top 4 runners finish before our first and showed that they intended to be league champs. Two weeks later Stoga (9 -0) came to Coopertown to face the Fords (9 – 0) for the championship. The Stoga runners seemed a bit cocky before the meet. However on this day the Fords showed that they wanted it more than Conestoga and pulled a great upset win. With inspired running most notably from seniors Woo Kim (2), Ryan Thompson (3), Erick White (4) and junior Jon Kays (6). We won the meet by 4 points. The top seven Haverford finishers set season PR’s in this race at 17:00 or faster. Other varsity finishers that day were Adam Bodine, Josh Clair, and Jeff Mogavero.


    After two seasons of finishing 11 – 0 the 2011 team once again had to replace the seniors. This team was one with no dominating #1 runner as was typical of past Haverford teams. What it did have was a lot of heart and tight spacing between their #1 – #5 scorers. In addition to our scorers the Fords were deep down to the   #10 runner, all being top quality runners. The team started the season with a close win over Lower Merion who were just as deep in talent as we were. The middle of the season saw the Fords roll to relatively easy wins and then our depth paid off with hard fought victories over Penncrest and Conestoga. Going into our last tri-meet we met a strong Strath Haven team with a potent 1, 2 punch. Despite giving up the first two places in the race the Fords only needed a span of 18 seconds to secure places 3, 4,5,6,7 and win the meet. Top runners on the team were captains Jon Kays and Jeff Mogavero, Jared Gross, sophomore Dave Fowler, Adam Bodine, Rob Keehn, Nick Simonson, Chris Pokorney, Kyle Hand, and Josh Clair.

    The team went on to finish 2nd at Delcos and first at the Central League Championships with a 19 point cushion over second place Strath Haven.  Perhaps the best team effort of the year was displayed at Districts where we missed qualifying for States by 9 points as we finished 6th. In this meet we, once again, had only  :29 seconds separating our #1 – 5 scorers. Dave Fowler, who had a 20:37 PR as a freshman clocked 16:45 on the day. Captains Jeff Mogavero and Jon Kays, however, both earned trips to States for their efforts.


    In our fist league meet in 2012 Penncrest ended our 38 meet win streak. This year we had two dominant runners at the #1 and #2 spots in Adam Bodine and Dave Fowler but couldn’t easily replace 6 of 10 graduating seniors. At Briarwood Bodine was 4th in 16:34 and Fowler 6th in 16:48. Adam Bodine next dropped a 15:44 run at Coopertown as the Fords retained “the Shoe”. Illness and college visitations were enough to let Strath Haven squeak by us in a frustrating loss in mid-season. Heading into the latter part of the season we defeated Conestoga to finish 9 – 2. At the Central League Championships we finished 2nd to Penncrest but defeated Strath Haven so the year ended with a 2nd place overall in the league. Going into Districts we figured that both Adam Bodine and Dave Fowler would qualify for States. At Delcos Dave ran 16:13 and Adam 16:14 at Rose Tree which is at least 25 seconds slower than the District course. Illness stopped Dave in his tracks as he had to drop out. Adam ran 15:49 to make the trip to Hershey for States but he missed the company his teammate. Other key runners on the 2012 team were Rob Keehn, Collin Smyth, Kyle Hand, Mike Mogavero, and Gabe Robinson-Barr.


    The 2013 team had a repeat 9 – 2 record for the season. The team went into its’ last tri-meet with a 7 – 0 record but then couldn’t keep up with Penncrest and Conestoga (both of these teams were ranked in the top 10 in the state). Penncrest runner Chris Kazanjian set a Coopertown course record, 15:39, in winning the race. The Fords’ Dave Fowler had to settle for a third place despite clocking a 15:50 time. Other varsity runners were Mike Mogavero, Rob Keehn, soccer dual sport athlete Liam Boyes, Danny Brown, Alex Derbyshire, and Brian Melton. Freshman James Abrahams showed promise as he finished the season with a 17:34 performance at Districts. The top 5 varsity runners at Districts all ran 16:57 or faster at Districts to finish 14th. Leading the way was Dave Fowler. A year prior he was ill at Districts and was unable to finish. This year he ran a PR of 15:47 to make States. At States Dave Fowler became the first medal winner since Aaron Rich in 1998 finishing 23rd on the difficult Hershey course.

    The 2013 team also won the Central League “Sportsmanship” Award (as voted by the other teams in the league). The team was voted 2nd in 2012, 2011, and 2010 and first in 2009, 2008, and 2007).


    2014 was a fun season. The team registered 10 wins against only one loss (to Conestoga who finished 2nd at States). Once again the team relied on depth to win meets since we had no dominant front runners. Two underclassmen junior, Liam Boyes and sophomore James Abrahams, shared the #1 slot in the meets. Senior support came from Alex Derbyshire, Brian Melton, and Adam Simonson. These three had made tremendous improvement from their freshmen year to provide the backbone of the team. Final varsity spots were held down by sophomore Elliot Miciek and junior Andrew Woodman. The team finished 2nd at Delco’s and 11th at Districts. Liam Boyes’ effort got the job done to qualify for States and extend his season to one more meet.


    In 2015 the team had a slightly off-year finishing with an 8 – 3 record. This team saw the emergence of James Abrahams as one of the best runners in the league. Two of our losses came in the very first tri-meet of the season by narrow margins and another one later to Strath Haven, again by a close score. By Delco’s the varsity runners after Abrahams were Andrew Woodman, Joe Bergan, Liam Boyes, Dan Brown, Elliot Miciek, Josh Adams, and Matt Taddeo. Team depth by the underclassmen was strong with 30 runners breaking 20:00 by season’s end. James Abrahams placed 3rd at Delco’s, 2nd at Leagues, and his 15:58 run at Districts qualified him for States. Team placed 2nd in Central League “Sportsmanship” balloting.


    2016 was to be Coach Williams’ last season as head coach. The team missed winning the Central League Championships by the narrowest of margins. Lower Merion was the spoiler as they won a very close meet in the first Central League race of the fall. Despite a new course record on Lower Merion’s course by James Abrahams LM defeated the Fords by 4 points. After that the team swept the league with 10 straight wins to finish with a 10 -1 season. James Abrahams was the dominant runner in the league never losing to any competitor. James was backed up by seniors, and fellow captains, Elliot Miciek and Josh Adams throughout the season. Not far behind the seniors were no less than seven sophomore and freshmen runners (Brendan Campbell, Evan Peetros, Mike Donnelly, Shane McAdams, Josh Fingerhut, and Aiden Tomov). These underclassmen are talented and extremely dedicated to their sport. The Fords would be well stocked for the next three seasons.

    Other highlights were winning “the Shoe” for the 12th consecutive year against Upper Darby. In that race James Abrahams made a major statement by breaking the course record (at Coopertown) by 17 seconds. James ran 15:22 which is the fastest time ever recorded for a Ford runner in school history. James also won the Briarwood Invitation title and finished 2nd at the Abington Invitation. Underclassmen Aiden Tomov was the Abington Invitation JV champion, Shane McAdams was the Delco JV champion, and Mike Donnelly took the honors winning the Central League JV race. In the District meet James Abrahams had to stop when a competitor stepped on the heel of his spikes causing James to lose his shoe. Losing about 10 seconds to get his shoe back on James still ran  15:44, his best time ever on the District course, to qualify for his second trip to States.


    2017 was Coach Harry Green’s first season with the lead.  The Fords came up one win short of winning the central league as they fell to a strong Penncrest team 26-29 towards the end of the season.  That race saw a course mishap in which several Haverford runners took the wrong turn due to unclear course markings. Throughout the season Michael Donnelly, just a sophomore, was Haverford’s top runner, winning 3 out of 5 dual meets.  On a very hot day in September, the Fords ran at the Briarwood Invitational.  The Fords placed 7th in the championship division but were only 20 points off of 3rd showing that they could hang with some of PA’s best.  Michael Donnelly and Evan Peetros placed 11th and 18th respectively to lead the team.  On yet another hot day, the Fords placed 2nd at the DELCO Championships.  Sophomore Josh Fingerhut lead the team with a 6th place finish.  A week later, in a breakout race of sorts, Mike Donnelly ran 16:31 to take third at the Central League Championships.  The team placed 2nd overall. Brian Walheim also had a breakout race to finish 5th for the team and secure valuable points.  At Districts, the Fords placed 15th with a 16:45 average. Mike Donnelly ran 16:13 to finish 31st and qualify for states.

    As a whole, this was the first season in Haverford history where a senior never scored for the team.  Runners for the varsity team were: Mike Donnelly, Evan Peetros, Josh Fingerhut, Brendan Campbell, Brian Walheim, Aiden Tomov, and Erik McCallion.  


    2018 was one of the most successful years yet for Haverford XC.  The team returned their top six runners from the last season and they were tight on and off the course.  The season started with the Road 29 scrimmage against very strong Twin Valley and Great Valley teams. Despite being without Aiden Tomov (who was coming off of a very successful track season), the Fords handily defeated both teams by scores of 25-30 each.  This would set the tone for the season. In the first 8 league meets the Fords shut out 7 of their rivals (a shut-out in cross-country means the winning team placed all five of their scorers before the opponents first) to roll to an initial 8-0 record.  However, two of the remaining three teams in the Central league were Penncrest and Lower Merion, both of which were also undefeated. Before this epic dual meet took place though, the Fords showcased their power at Delcos.  

    It was a rainy day, the course was muddy, and the creek was flooded.  The Fords were not bothered. Michael Donnelly finished in the lead to claim his first Delco title.  Following close behind were the rest of his teammates.  Josh Fingerhut finished 3rd overall followed quickly by Brendan Campbell in 4th.  Evan Peetros and Aiden Tomov rounded out the scoring in 6th and 9th respectively.  The Fords had a 28 second 1-5 split. Junior Will Field and senior Caleb Nolan provided strong backup placing 14th and 21st.  Even if you took out the top two scorers and replaced them with the 6th and 7th men, Haverford would still have emerged victorious.  The final score was 23 points for Haverford followed by Penncrest with 64. Also of note, senior Brian Walheim won the JV race followed by sophomore Anthony Lawson in 3rd and freshman Chris Potter in 5th.

    Coming off of Delcos, the Fords hosted the much anticipated final league meet of the year.  Curiously, this was supposed to be the first league meet of the year. However, due to high temperatures, it was moved to the week between Delcos and Centrals.  This undoubtedly gave Lower Merion an advantage, as Haverford and Penncrest were tired coming off of their Delcos effort. Mike Donnelly finished first, besting juniors Joey Litvin and Pat Thevany.  This would complete his undefeated run in league meets. Aiden Tomov had his best race of the season finishing 6th in 16:20.  All three teams had strong front running but it was Haverford’s depth that ended up propelling them to a win. Haverford had 7 in before Penncrest’s 4th and LM’s 5th runner.  This capped off an 11-0 season. Traveling to Rose Tree for the fourth and final time of the season, the Fords ran their 3rd meet in 8 days. This time it was the Central League Championship.  This race was much closer than Delcos but the Ford’s signature depth once again propelled them to a win. We placed 7 runners in the top 18. Of note is that the course changed slightly due to excessive mud.

   District one was unusually deep in 2018.  11 teams averaged under 16:30 for their top 5.  Luckily the Fords brought their A game. Mike Donnelly led the team as he did all season, placing 7th in 15:45.  Behind him and separated by only 17 seconds were Haverford’s 2nd through 5th runners.  The result was a 16:15 1-5 average and 4th place finish with 230 points. This gave Haverford a ticket to states as a team.  On a very muddy day, the states course was slow and unforgiving. Most District One qualifiers ran over a minute slower from Lehigh to Hershey. Mike Donnelly ran very well to finish 15th.  Josh Fingerhut finished 2nd for the team.  The team placed 9th overall in AAA for a great end to a great season.