Distance Training Cycle #1 is HERE.

Distance Training Cycle #2 is HERE.

You can find all necessary forms and team paperwork HERE.  These are required (!) – get them in ASAP

Haverford Track & Field Team Mission:

Haverford Track and Field is about teaching young athletes the importance of teamwork, goal-setting, hard work, and commitment. WE ARE ONE TEAM. Athletes that are part of this program come to work hard every day, and to get the most out of their practices and competitions. Winning is the goal, but not a means by which to measure success. Haverford Track and Field will stand to be leaders in sportsmanship; not only for the school, but for the state of Pennsylvania!  All athletes will demonstrate maximum effort and dedication when they perform for Haverford High School – from pre-season to the National meet!


    1. Safety as your top priority.
    1. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. You are the leader.
    1. Have and show respect for your opponent; treat them as guests.
    1. Accept the officials’ decisions. Good sportsmanship implies the willingness to accept and abide by the decisions of the officials. Public protests can only lead to similar behavior by the players and spectators.
    1. Set a good example for others to follow.
    1. Refrain from any profanity as it is not an acceptable part of the game for either you or team.
    1. Maintain self-control at all times.
    1. Teach the values of honest effort in conforming to the spirit as well as the letter of the rules
    1. Let the athletes compete, it’s their sport.
    1. Be mindful of comments made to the news media, especially following a hard-fought contest.
  1. Athletics are not to be put ahead of academics!


    1. Treat teammates, opponents, officials, and coaches with respect.
    1. Win with pride and lose without excuses; maintain good sportsmanship.
    1. Maintain the minimum GPA of 2.0. OR passing on a pass/fail system.
    1. NO cell phones and media devices during practice or inside the warm-up area at meets.
    1. If you serve a detention, you may give up your spot in that week’s meet.
    1. Arguing with coaches will not be tolerated and athletes may be dismissed from the team.
    1. There will be NO Foul language. It will not be tolerated.
    1. Adhere to all school and team rules.
  1. Lettering for Track is based on the Haverford HS Guide Lines for Track and Field OR if you make a qualifying mark for states OR you make finals at districts.


    1. Be positive role models at athletic contests. Your son will be very aware of your behavior.
    1. Be supportive of the coach. The team is the coach’s responsibility, not the parents’.
    1. Do not coach from the sidelines.
    1. Communicate with the coach and create a positive supportive working relationship.
    1. Realize that as the coach he/she is an educator and therefore understands the sport he/she is coaching and the proper behavior for that sport.
    1. Remember the primary value of athletic participation is to provide our youth with an opportunity for self-development: physically, emotionally, and mentally.
    1. Respect the judgment of the officials and refrain from openly criticizing any call the officials make.
    1. Be respectful and supportive of coaches and other athletes on the team. It is important that a positive atmosphere is fostered at home about your child’s role on the team.
    1. Understand and respect the different roles of parents, coaches, and officials. Parents should parent, coaches should coach, and officials should officiate, and each should be respected for what they do.
    1. If parents have any concerns during this season, please email Coach Greg: gmeyers78.gm@gmail.com
  1. Parents may observe practice from the sidelines.


    1. Attendance to all practices is mandatory.
    1. Only 5 unexcused absences are allowed for the season.
  1. In order to compete in weekly meets athletes must attend practice for the week unless…
    1. Athletes are sick and the school is aware of this.
    2. Athletes have contacted Coach Greg or event coach by 2:30 p.m. if you are going to miss practice for that day.
  1. If you were home sick from school you may not attend practice that day.

Team Travel

    1. Athletes must adhere to all team rules to be considered for team travel.
  1. There is no guarantee to any athlete for team travel.


    1. Athletes will be responsible for the uniform that is assigned to them. (Tops & bottoms)
  1. Failure to turn in uniforms will result in the student being placed of the schools fine list.  Fine Charge will be $90. (new uniform and shipping)


    1. Meets and Practices are mandatory.  Even if you will not compete in that weekend’s meet it still counts as attendance, and failure to show up for one day of the meet will be an unexcused absence.  
    1. If athletes need to be excused from the bus or early from a meet they must have a note from their parent.
  1. Parents can sign athletes out from a meet with their event coach ONLY. However, athletes are strongly encouraged to stay for the entire meet.
“No stream rises higher than its source. Whatever man might build could never express or reflect more than he was. ” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Below is the link for Coach Meyers’ (sprints/jumps/throws) group training for winter track:

Haverford Township HS introduction