You can find all necessary forms and team paperwork HERE.  These are required (!) – get them in ASAP

Girls distance training cycle #1 is HERE.

Haverford  High School  Girls Track   

Rules and Regulations     


Our  collective  goal is that  all members of  the team practice  and compete to achieve  better performance.  The improvement of the  athlete improves the team.  I expect commitment to the  team and yourself, honest effort,  and fun this season! Treat each other  and the coaches with respect at all times.


Have  you been  receiving my  emails? If not,  let me know ASAP  –

“Remind” App

I ask that  ALL students  download the app  on their smartphone  called Remind. It is  blue with a white speech  bubble logo and makes safe   communication possible between teachers/coaches  and students.

Join  the group  @havwtrack to  receive my text  updates, whether they  are in advance or last  minute (for example, “The track  bus will be leaving in 5 minutes  in front of the school.”)

You  can “chat”  me personally  to let me know  of any conflicts or  questions you may have  at any time.

Parents  are welcome  to join the group  as well


PIAA  – Fill out  the full packet  (bring to a Doctor  as part of a physical)  if your child has  not played  a sport yet  this school year;  Only Section 7 is required  if she already has participated  this year. o Eligibility o Student  Athletic Contract o Assumption of Risk   o Survey from Miss Llerandi


If  a student  will miss a  practice, she should  notify me by 2:30 p.m.  on the day of the  practice  (via Remind,  an email, stopping  by Room 140, etc). Please  do not have a friend give  me the message unless you are  unable.

Athletes  should be present  at practice the day  before a meet if they  expect to compete.  If a student  knows that she will  miss a meet, she must  notify me ASAP,  preferably  2-­‐3 days before  the meet. The lineup  will be shared a few days  prior. If the athlete is entered  and does not attend, she will not be  entered in the next two meets. o Students  will compete in meets only if they are consistent  with attending the majority of practices and notifying  me in advance of absences or conflicts.


All  members  must be passing  TWO MAJOR SUBJECTS  in order to remain eligible  to

participate  in interscholastic  competition. This is  enforced at HHS through  weekly eligibility checks.     o If an athlete is ineligible at  the end of a marking period, she will  remain ineligible

for  the next  TEN school  days. At the  end of the ten  days, her grades will  be reviewed and she can  then return to competition if  she is passing two major subjects.     o Athletes are always allowed to ask their  teachers for help or makeup work.

 Chemical  Substances

The  use of  any drugs,  excluding those  prescribed by a doctor,  is strictly prohibited. The  use of alcohol, smoking and chewing  tobacco products, drugs or steroids, is   prohibited. Violation of these rules will result  in the suspension of a member from the team until  the review of her case.

Practice  Schedule

November  16 – February  15. States are at  PSU on February 23 &  24. o Monday through Friday,  usually 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Meet in  the hallway outside Room  126.   


TIME  TO PRACTICE.  If you have a  conflict or meeting,  send me a text on the   Remind app or an email.   There will be no use of cell  phones at practice. Please feel free  to keep your belongings  in my locked  classroom, Room  140, during practice.   o Weight room – TBA o Practice  will include any combination of drills,  track workouts (sprints or distance),  mobility  and plyometrics,  core, weight lifting,  and stretching.

 Meet  Schedule

Our  meet schedule  is included in  the back your packet  of forms and on this site. o Meet entries  will be determined by attendance,  effort, and times. o If a student  would like to compete in a specific event,  she should communicate early  and often.     Everyone is expected  to stay at meets to support  the team until it is over If  a student  is to take  other means of  transportation home,  this is to be communicated  in writing prior to the end of  the meet.


Students  will be issued  uniforms as close  to their size as possible.  They will need

to  keep  track/take  care of, wash  and return these  uniforms.

Clothing/Team  Gear

Our  team gear  online store  through C&M Sporting  Goods will be available  soon via

email.     o I am requesting  that each athlete purchase  a pullover quarter zip to help  us look

uniform  on meet days.  It should not cost  more than $35.  

Team  Building

We  will have  periodic activities  to boost team bonding;  among them will be team   dinners and they will either  be held in a “potluck” style,  contributing to a food order, or  meeting somewhere outside of school.   o If any parent would like to offer to  host a dinner prior to a meet, please let  me know.

Parent  Involvement

Any  parent who  is willing to  lend a hand with  any of the above, please  let me know.  Your help  is so much  appreciated!!

League Meets:

Haverford is a member of the Central Athletic League. We run Central League meets during the week, usually (but not always) on Wednesdays.  One of our goals as a program is to win the league championship. The order of events at league meets looks like this:

100mh (110mh boys)
Pole Vault followed by High Jump
Long Jump followed by Triple Jump
Shot, Discus, Javelin
League meet scoring in the individual events: 1rst place = 5 points, 2nd place = 3 points, 3rd place = 1 point. On relays the first place team receives 5 points and no other teams are awarded points.

PIAA District 1 Girls AAA Spring Track Qualifying Standards – 2018

4 X 800M Relay 9:50 9:50.24
100M Hurdles 16.1 16.34
100M 12.5 12.74
1600M 5:16 5:16.24
400M 1:00 1:00.24
4 X 100M Relay 50.9 51.14
300M Hurdles 47.5 47.74
800M 2:21.5 2:21.74
200M 26.2 26.44
3200M 11:30 11:30.24
4 X 400M Relay 4:06 4:06.24
High Jump 5-1
Pole Vault 9-6
Long Jump 16-10
Triple Jump 34-8
Shot Put 33-6
Discus 101-0
Javelin 103-0

PIAA State Championships AAA Qualifying Times for Boys and Girls 2018

4 X 800M Relay 9:35.48 8:02.04
100/110M Hurdles 15.5 15.1
100M 12.5 11.1
1600M 5:10 4:24.22
4 X 100M Relay 49.75 43.25
400M 58.8 50.09
300M Hurdles 46.25 39.8
800M 2:18.47 1:57.32
200M 25.91 22.5
3200M 11:11 9:31.71
4 X 400M Relay 4:01.5 3:24.03
High Jump 5-3 6-5
Pole Vault 11-0 14-3
Long Jump 17-9 22-0
Triple Jump 36-6 45-0
Shot Put 37-6 52-0
Discus 118-0 153-0
Javelin 122-0 178-0