Note: Prior to 1980 XC courses were not standardized.  Starting in 1980 the PIAA set the distance at 5,000 meters (5k).

Coopertown Course (home course)

1.James Abrahams15:222016
2.Mike Donnelly15:33.72019
3.Mike Donnelly16:352018
4.Ed Donnelly15:422009
5.Adam Bodine15:442012
6.Matt Keehn15:452007
Mike Donnelly15:452018
8.George Walton15:472006
9.Josh D'Angelo15:481988
10.Dave Fowler15:502013
11.Aaron Rich15:531997
James Abrahams15:532015
13.Sam Stuart15:542006
14.Jake Hollenbach15:571988
Jeff Hosan15:572009

Lehigh- (Site of Paul Short Invitation and District 1 Championship Course)

1.George Walton15:412006Districts
2.James Abrahams15:442016Districts
3.Josh D'Angelo15:451990Districts
Mike Donnelly 15:452018Districts
5.Dave Fowler15:472013Districts
6.Aaron Rich 15:481997Districts
7.Adam Bodine15:492012Districts
Ed Donnelly15:492009Paul Short
9.Mike Egan15:561992Districts
10.Matt Keehn15:572006Districts
11.James Abrahams15:572015Paul Short
12.James Abrahams15:582015Districts
13.Steve Hand15:%92008Paul Short

Rose Tree- (Central League Course/ Bulldog Invitation Course. Separate layouts.)

1.Aaron Rich15:421997Bulldog Invitation
2.Josh D'Angelo15:$51990Central League Championships
3.Mike Lang15:572000Bulldog invitation

Abington Invitation

1.Matt Keehn15:562007