We had an excellent first race at Great Valley.  It was very wet but many ran well and everyone worked hard. Thanks to all who participated.  We will discuss this, and many other topics, on the first day of school, Tuesday (at 2:45pm, under our tree).

This weekend:

1) On Saturday everyone should do a high-quality cross-training session: bike, swim, hike, lift weights, do Elliptical, core, yoga – so many other options. Also work on flexibility with drills, and dynamic and static stretching.

2) On Sunday everyone should do a long run. For some this means 10-12 miles. For others this means 4 or 5 miles. Please do a long run — whatever is appropriate for you.  Stretch.

3) On Monday — Labor Day — we will have an optional (but strongly encouraged) team practice at 9:00am at HHS. If you are available, please join us. It’s much easier to train with a group than on your own.  And there could be treats after practice. 🙂