GIRLS (final lineup):

Note: Girls, we are taking the following approach to this lineup: 1) The top four in each event will race, and 2) those who have not traveled with the team yet will also race. Those are the criteria for this, our final league meet lineup.  If you can’t race for any reason, you must let Coach Green know immediately (!

4×800-a-Maura, Paula, Ava, Sadie

4×800-b-Jessica Ra, Oonagh, Erinn A., Abby VT

1600 – Lindsey, Lauren M., Fiona, Madeleine, Nicole R., Liz, Zoe, Bella

800 – Sadie, Maura, Paula, Ava, Rachael G., Oonagh, Erinn A., Abby VT, Abby Brown, Jessica Ra, Sharon

3200 – Lindsey, Lauren M., Emma, Sarah, Sophie, Karen, Katrina

Note also: Sadie and Maura will also be running on the 4×400-b relay as a time trial for Delcos.

BOYS (tentative lineup):

4×800-a-Brendan, Josh (?), Aiden, Erik

4×800-b-Andrew, Ryan B., Ryan M., Tanner

1600 – Brendan, Mike, Will, Caleb, Jack M., Nick

400 – Dean

800 – Erik, Aiden, Josh, Andrew, Ryan B., Ryan M., Tanner, Zach, Sammy

3200 – Evan, Mike, Brian, Anthony, Peter, Jason

4×400 – ?