GIRLS (15 runners):

4×800 -a – Sadie, Ava, Rachel, Lauren

4×800 -b – Liz, Sophie,  Nicole, Katrina

1600 – Paula, Lindsey, Emma, Sarah, Madeleine, Victoria

800 – Sadie, Lauren, Ava, Rachel, Liz, Emily, Katrina, Nicole, Sophie

3200 – Lindsey, Paula, Emma, Sarah, Karen, Madeleine

4×400 – b – Sadie, Ava, Rachel, Lauren

4×400 – c – Liz, Sophie, Nicole, Katrina

Note:  runners from the 1600/3200 group might need to jump in the 4×400 if someone can’t run. This can be decided at the meet. But Haverford should have at least three 4×400 relays: Coach Jensen’s ‘a’ team and two more with distance runners (and anyone else).

BOYS (18 runners):

4×800 – a – Josh, Erik, Brendan, Aiden

4×800 – b – Andrew, Ryan B., Ryan M., Will

1600 – Mike, Josh, Evan, Brian, Caleb, Jack M., Anthony, Peter, Jason

400 – Erik

800 – Aiden, Brendan, Andrew, Ryan B., Ryan M., Jason, Will, Jack Roth (?)

3200 – Mike, Evan, Brian, Jack M., Caleb, Anthony, Nick

4×400 – a –  Jared, Aiden, Brendan, Erik

4×400 – b – Josh, Andrew, Ryan B., Ryan M.

4×400 – c – Will, Jason, ?, ?

Note: there might be last minute changes with the 4×400. All runners should be ready to run the 4×400. The only excuse to not run the 4×400 is injury. This is a kind of workout, so simple fatigue is not a reason to avoid it. Coach Hunter will also have 4×400 teams from his group. I’m holding freshmen out of the 4×400 for now, but if there’s a spot to fill, they should be prepared to step up.