FINAL  lineup…

GIRLS (note – because we are hosting this meet, and there are no bus limitations, all healthy athletes should expect to compete, and injured athletes should help):

4×800-a-Ava, Lauren, Rachael G., Sadie

4×800-b-Liz, Erin D., Annika, Nicole Rodriguez

4×800-c-Taylor, Oonagh, Erinn A., Nicole Mazzella

4×800-d-Nora, Rachel W., Abby B., Bella

1600-Lindsey, Maura, Sarah, Fiona, Sophie, Madeleine, Katrina

800-Sadie, Ava, Rachael, Lauren, Liz, Erin D., Nicole R., Abby VT, Sharon, Zoe, Jessica Ra, Victoria

3200-Paula, Lindsey, Sarah, Fiona, Maura, Karen

4×400 -a-b-c-d-e… TBD

BOYS (subject to change/discussion, also boys not competing should help with the girls home meet – we need helpers!):

4×800-a- Aiden, Josh, Brendan, Erik

4×800-b- Andrew, Ryan M., Zach, Dean

1600-Aiden, Mike, Caleb, Anthony, Nick, Jason

800-Brendan, Josh, Jack Roth, Andrew, Zach, Ryan M.

400 – Erik, Dean

3200-Mike, Evan, Brian, Jack M., Peter, Will, Jason

4X400-a-b-c- TBD