First, a few reminders.

We have four  event groups:

  1. Girls middle distance (400/800/1600) = GMD
  2. Girls long distance (1600/3200) = GLD
  3. Boys middle distance (400/800/1600) = BMD
  4. Boys long distance (1600/3200) =BLD

We also have performance-level groups: Group A (the older, more experienced folks), Group B, and Newcomers.

We will use all of these group names and will do our best to not confuse anyone. Sometimes we will all train together – we won’t always separate into groups. It should be clear what you’re to do and if it’s not, ask your captains!

Thank you for your hard work. Remember, you have to train fast to race fast. This is at the core of our philosophy. We balance that with plenty of injury-prevention measures and plenty of recovery/easy days to make sure you get the rest you need.  Also, as we enter the season and begin more rigorous training, nutrition and sleep will be even more important.  Post-workout stretching is also essential.  Take time to stretch thoroughly after practice, and you can also stretch a bit at night.  Ice sore spots. Get sleep. Eat right. Communicate with your captains. Take good care of yourself!

On the roads we have three pace categories:

Conversation pace: this is slow enough to comfortably talk with your teammates. We will often run this pace on recovery runs, when we’ve done a hard workout on the previous day, or when returning from illness or injury. Our long Sunday runs will often be at conversation pace. Our slowest pace.

Glide pace: this is a relaxed fast pace. You’re not straining, you’re not aggressively pushing, you’re not competing. You’re gliding. We run glide pace frequently. One of the keys to our sport is to learn to run a fast pace in a very relaxed state. A medium-to-fast pace.

Push pace: this is a very fast pace. You are pushing yourself, you are attacking hills, you are unlocking your knees and gliding downhill. We always want to run as relaxed as possible. But unlike glide pace, there’s more effort during a push pace run and there’s also a competitive edge. You PUSH each other. It’s an excellent idea to do most or all of your push pace runs on trails and/or grass. These are hard runs.

+ + + + +

First week back: listen to your body! Let your body tell you how fast to run, how far. Stay within the prescribed workout but also pay attention to how your body feels and run accordingly. Also, even when we are in these mileage phases, we do not run slow all the time. So vary your pace; hard days and easy days. Hilly runs and flat runs. Short runs and long runs.

Boys: to begin our outdoor training, the vast majority of the team is in the Brian Walheim (BW) group. He will be leading us as we transition into spring track. Eventually everyone else (indoor states group, those who have been sick/hurt) will join together and we’ll once again be one distance group.

Important: on long runs, plan the run so that at least part of it is on grass. For example, do a few laps on the grass at school, then end up over at Penn Wynne park – run on the grass there for a while – and so on. Long runs should NOT be solely on the roads.

+ + + + +

Sun., Feb. 17, 2019

All girls – long-ish run. 7 for Group A, 5 for Group B and newcomers.

Brian W. boys group – long-ish run. 7/8 for Group A, 5/6 for Group B and newcomers.

Indoor state runners – easy 5 miles with emphasis on flexibility and recovery.

Mon. Feb. 18 – No School! Enjoy the day off. 

All girls – glide pace run on your own. Run the second 1/2 of the run faster. (ABC – Always Be Closing). Group A – 6 miles. Group B and newcomers – 4 miles.

Brian W. boys group – glide pace run. Run the second 1/2 of the run faster. (ABC – Always Be Closing). Group A – 6 miles. Group B and newcomers – 4 miles.

Indoor State group – TBD.

Tues., Feb. 19

All girls and BW boys group – 1) Powder Mill (4 for boys, 3 for girls), then 2) Hunter Hill (4xhill for boys, 3xhill for girls), then 3) 4:1 fartlek back at school and stair work. Core, myrtle.

Indoor State group – TBD

Wed., Feb. 20

All girls and BW boys – recovery day (boys 6 miles, girls 5 miles), lift weights.

Indoor State group – TBD

Thurs., Feb. 21

[aerobic power]

Fri., Feb. 22


Sat., Feb. 23

[cross train]

Sun., Feb. 24

[first real long run, state meet]

Mon., Feb. 25

Boys – glide pace 6 miles on roads, 8 x strides, weights

Girls – glide pace 5 miles on roads, 8 x strides, weights

Tues., Feb. 26

Boys – 4 miles roads, 3 x 10 min grass (last one is fastest – ABC), plyo, core, myrtle

Girls – 3 miles roads, 3 x 10 min grass (last one is fastest – ABC), plyo, core, myrtle

Wed., Feb. 27

Boys – 7 roads, weights

Girls – 6 roads, weights

Thurs., Feb. 28

Boys and Girls – Hills, 4:1 fartlek, stairs, core/myrtle

Fri., Mar. 1

Boys – 7 roads, weights

Girls – 6 roads, weights

Sat., Mar. 2

All – cross train

Sun., Mar. 3

Boys – long run (Varsity – 9, JV – 7)

Girls – long run (Varsity – 8, JV – 6)

Mon., Mar. 4 – First official day of Spring Track practice

[glide, strides, weights]

Tues., Mar. 5

[aerobic power]

Wed., Mar. 6

[long recovery]

Thurs., Mar. 7


Fri., Mar. 8


Sat., Mar. 9

[cross train]

Sun., Mar. 10


Mon., Mar. 11



Tues., Mar. 12



Wed., Mar. 13



Thurs., Mar. 14



Fri., Mar. 15



Sat., Mar. 16



Sun., Mar. 17