Monday, March 19, 2018

Boys/Girls – volume on roads, 2:1 fartlek on grass, plyo, weights

Tues., Mar. 20 

Boys – 7 mile recovery run, weights

Girls – 5 mile recovery run, weights

Wed., Mar. 21

Snow day – no school – do what you can

Thurs., Mar. 22

Snow day – practice at 2:30pm at HHS

Boys/Girls – volume on roads + 200’s (bus route) + light lifting/core/stretching

Fri., Mar. 23

Racing boys and girls – 4 miles, stretch

Non-racing boys – 7 miles, weights

Non-racing girls – 6 miles, weights


Those not racing – Do ‘unstructured fartlek’ on roads, trails, or grass. Girls – 5 miles, Boys – 6 miles. This means to include a few (3 or 4) fast, extended surges within the run. So, for example, do 4 5-minute surges, allowing enough time in between to catch your breath. Also finish the run fast.

Sun., Mar. 25 – Long Run

Boys – 12 miles (JV 8)

Girls – 8 miles (JV 6)

Mon., Mar. 26 – Spring Break practice – 1:00 – 3:30pm (NOTE: for those going out of town, you need to keep training. Communicate: “I’m a varsity track athlete; could you recommend a good place to run?” Or, “Is it safe to run here?” Be safe. Train hard. Cross train when necessary. Take good care of yourself. Have fun.)

Boys/Girls in town – Volume + hills + grass, weights

Boys out of town –  7 miles (5 JV) fast road run, core, push-ups

Girls out of town –  6 miles (4 JV) fast road run, core, push-ups

Tues., Mar. 27 – Spring Break

Boys long distance – 8 miles roads, plyo, weights

Boys middle distance and girls varsity – 6 miles roads, plyo, weights

All JV – 5 miles roads, plyo, weights

Wed. Mar. 28 – Spring Break

Boys/Girls in town – Volume + track speed-endurance work, weights

Boys out of town – 6 miles roads (run final 3 miles very fast – progressive), 4 x 50M strides, stretch, core

Girls out of town – 5 miles roads (run final 2 miles very fast – progressive), 4 x 50M strides, stretch, core

Thurs., Mar. 29 – Spring Break

All boys – 6 mile road run (pace=run how you feel), circuit training, weights

All girls – 5 mile road run (pace=run how you feel), circuit training, weights

Fri., Mar. 30 – Spring Break

All boys – 7 mile road run with significant hills, core, stretch

All girls – 6 mile road run with significant hills, core, stretch

Sat., Mar. 31 – Spring Break

Boys – Do one of the following: 1) a hard 4 mile run, preferably on trail/grass, or 2) a hard cross training session, or 3) some combination/blend of #1 and #2.

Girls – Do one of the following: 1) a hard 3 mile run, preferably on trail/grass, or 2) a hard cross training session, or 3) some combination/blend of #1 and #2.

Sun., April 1 – Last day of Spring Break – Happy Easter(!) – Long Run

Boys – 12 miles (JV 8)

Girls – 8 miles (JV 6)

Mon., April 2

Boys – 5 miles roads, track work, weights

Girls – 4 miles roads, track work, weights

Tues., April 3

All – easy run

Wed., Apr. 4 – League Race #1 (Harriton, Conestoga)

Non-racers – 5 mile run

Thurs., Apr. 5

Girls – 6 miles roads, weights

Boys – 7 miles roads, weights

Fri. Apr. 6

Those racing on Sat. – 3 miles roads, stretch

Those not racing on Sat. – Powder Mill (girls 4, boys 5), stretch

Sat. Apr. 7 – Haverford Invitational

Those not racing – 4 mile run and/or cross training

Sun. Apr. 8 – Long Run

Boys – easy 10 miles

Girls – easy 7 miles

Mon. Apr. 9

Middle distance – volume, then fartlek, then short speed session (400, 300, 200, 150) on the track. Weights.

Long distance – volume, then fartlek on the track. Weights.

Tues., Apr. 10

All – 4 miles roads, plyo, flexibility.

Wed. Apr. 11 – League Race #2  (Strath Haven and Springfield)

Non-racers – short distance, help with boys home meet.

Thurs., Apr. 12

Varsity boys – 1 1/2 laps at college (7 miles, pace = run how you feel), weights

V girls – 1 lap at c ollege (6 miles, pace = run how you feel), weights

JV all – 1/2 lap at college, (5 miles, pace = run how you feel), weights

Fri., Apr. 13

Boys and girls racing on Saturday – 4 miles, 4 x 100 meter strides, core, flexibility

Boys not racing – 6 miles with hills, 4 x 100 meter strides

Girls not racing – 5 miles with hills, 4 x 100 meter strides

Sat., Apr. 14 – Boys race at Coatesville, Girls at Delco Relays (HHS)

Non-racers – hard cross training

Sun., Apr. 15 – Long Run

Boys – easy 10 miles (JV 8), stretch!

Girls – easy 8 miles (JV 6), stretch!

Mon., Apr. 16

Boys Middle Distance – 3 miles roads, track: 2 x 200, 6 x 400, 2 x 200, warm-down, stretch, weights

Boys Long Distance – 3 miles roads, track: 2 x 400, 4 x 800, 2 x 400, warm-down, stretch, weights

Girls MD – 2 miles roads, track: 2 x 200, 6 x 400, 2 x 200, warm-down, stretch, weights

Girls LD – 2 miles roads, track: 1 x 400, 4 x 800, 1 x 400, warm-down, stretch, weights

Tues., Apr. 17

Boys – 5 miles easy, flexibility

Girls – 4 miles easy, flexibility

Wed., Apr. 18 – League Race #3

Thurs., Apr. 19 – easy distance/flexibility

Fri., Apr. 20

Hoka Race

Non-racers- 5 miles with two surges

Sat., Apr. 21

All – three miles easy

Sun., Apr. 22

Girls – 5 miles easy

Boys – 7 miles easy, weights

Mon., Apr. 23

Girls – League Race #4

Boys – 3 miles easy, 6 strides (100 yards), flexibility

Tues., Apr. 24

Girls – 4 miles easy, weights

Boys – League race #4 (non-racing boys – 4 miles fast)

Wed., Apr. 25

All – 5 miles easy, plyo

Thurs. Apr. 26


FYI I will be at practice at 2:45 every day through this last complicated stretch.

For those who are still feeling tired: 4 mile run with one fast, sustained surge within the run, then 4 strides on the turf, stretch

For those who are feeling recovered: 2 miles roads, 10-12 minutes of 1:1 fartlek (preferably in training shoes on grass), then in spikes on the track: 4 x 200, 4 x 150. Mile warm down. Medium-intensity weight session, core, stretch.

Aiden, Erik, Brendan – I would prefer for you to do this workout on Thurs so you can have an easy day on Friday.

Sadie, Lindsey, Sarah, Fiona, anyone else at Penn – you can figure out an imitation of either workout on the Penn campus, depending on how recovered you feel. If you need another day or two of recovery (i.e. Sadie) please do the easier workout and run harder on Saturday, in the afternoon, once you’re rested from prom.

A little Coach Green nostalgia: I have two fond memories of Penn Relays.  As a freshman I ran 28:55 for 10K at Penn and placed third (bronze medal). It was the fastest time in the world for a junior (under-19 year old).  I got a lot of attention and it was pretty fun.  I didn’t run Penn again until my senior year. We ran the 4×1500 meter relay, and I ran the fastest 1500 of my life (3:40) as our third leg. The anchor leg was very slow and strategic, and then…they kicked! The three anchors in contention all ran sub-53 seconds for their last lap. My teammate Greg Fuller ran down Providence All-American Frank Conway for the silver medal and almost beat Joe Falcon of Arkansas, one of the better milers in American history. Greg got his picture in the New York Times the next day (above). Fun times at Penn… long, long ago.  🙂

Fri. April, 27

If you ran hard on Thurs, do 4 miles easy, stretch, and lift weights.

If you didn’t run hard on Thurs, and feel better on Friday, do the harder Thursday workout.

All, including those going to prom, should find a way to get in a short run and stretch. Prom folks – no need to attend practice, but run! Every day matters. Thank you.  Have fun. Be safe!

Sat. April, 28

Boys 4×400 at Penn Relays (Aiden, Erik, Brendan – -please do a longer-than-usual warm-down after the race. 2 miles would be ideal)

If you haven’t done the faster workout from Thursday, do it today. You’ve had enough time to recover.

If you worked hard on Friday, do 4 miles, stretch, or do a medium-intensity cross-training session. I’ve been recently reminded that the ELLIPTICAL is an outstanding way to cross train.

If you ran hard Thursday, ran easy on Friday, and want something more challenging for Saturday (i.e. Mike Donnelly) – run to Penn Wynne Park (Lower Merion course). Do a two part workout: 1) Do 3 “wheels” on that hill (remember, a wheel means running up the short steep part, then running down the long gradual hill, then back up the long hill,  then down the short hill. That’s ONE wheel).  2) Do 4 x 3 minutes fast-and-relaxed on the grass – one minute recovery jog.  Run home (very easy) as warm-down. Stretch, roll out, core, push-ups. NOTE: if you want to cut some of the workout, please do. For instance you could do 2 wheels instead of 3, you could do 2 x 3 minutes, and so on. This time of year we do NOT want to leave workouts completely exhausted. Slightly tired is okay, but during a taper we want the focus to be on feeling good, feeling rested, feeling fast and fired up!

Sun., April 29 – Easy run

Boys – 5 or 6 miles, stretch

Girls – 4 miles, stretch

Mon., April 30 – League Race #5

Tues., May 1

All – recovery day + plyo + flexibility – if you feel very tired, if your body and/or legs feel horrible, run 3 miles. If you feel okay, slightly tired but fine, run 5 miles. Then everyone will return for plyo, core, stretching, enjoying the sunshine! Night: legs up, cold bath, stretching and rolling.

Wed. , May 2

Those racing on Thursday – 3 miles easy, 4 50-yard strides (relaxed), stretching. Night: get your legs up, cold bath, stretch, roll out, etc…

Those racing the time trial on Friday – 4 miles easy, 4 100-yard strides (relaxed), core, stretching.

Those racing on Saturday – 2 miles roads (or grass?), short speed workout on track (100, 200, 300, 200, 100), warm down, core, stretch

Thurs., May 3 – Delco Championships – Good luck racers!

Those racing time trial on Friday – 2 miles easy, stretch. Night: put your legs up, cold bath, stretch, roll out.

Those racing on Saturday – 3 miles easy, stretch

Fri., May 4 – JV Time Trial! Good luck!  

Early dismissal (11:00am) – right after school – JV time trial – choice of 800 meters or 1600 meters – all JV runners (not running the Delco meet) will participate. Anyone going to Senior Prom is not required to attend. Have fun, be safe.

Those racing on Saturday, and those who raced on Thursday – easy 3 mile run (early dismissal – 11:00am), then please help with the time trial – I will need assistance, no doubt (you know how AWESOME I am at getting splits).  Thank you.

Sat., May 5 – Delco Championships – Good luck!

Those not racing – 5 miles easy or medium-intensity cross-training or some sensible combination of those two.

Sun., May 6

All – Run how you feel (4 to 6 miles, conversation pace or faster, depending on how you feel)

Evan and Mike – 6 miles, 4 strides, stretch

Mon., May 7

[divide up into groups depending on which race is next – CLC folks will do a short speed workout, Radnor JV racers will do short easy distance and strides]

Tues., May 8 – Radnor Girls JV Meet – Good luck!

{CLC racers – easy day]

Wed., May 9 – Central League Individual Championships. Good Luck!

Thurs., May 10

All – easy distance (3 miles) and flexibility work

Fri., May 11

Evan, Mike, others racing Saturday – easy distance

Erik, Aiden, Brendan – Powder Mill glide pace, hill work on ‘Hunter Hill’, and 4 x 150 on track. Warm down, core, stretch.

Sat., May 12

E, A, B – 5 miles easy distance, lift weights if you want

Sun., May 13

E, A, B, Josh –

1) the usual warm-up,

2) 1:1 Fartlek on grass for 10 minutes (fast section should be very fast),

3) On track: 2 x 200, 2 x 400, 2 x 200 (at or near goal 800 pace – take a lot of rest – I want intervals fast)

4) proper warm down

Mon., May 14

E, A, B, J – 4 miles easy distance, plyo, core

Tues., May 15

[fartlek + speed on track – I will explain details]

Wed and Thurs – May 16-17

[easy days — 2 miles each — plyo, recovery, flexibility]

Fri and Sat, May 18-19 – District 1 Meet at Coatesville

Sun., May 20

Easy 5 miles, stretch, roll out, recover, also feel free to lift if you want and/or do a bit of cross-training

Mon., May 21

Run-how-you-feel 5 miles (no faster than glide pace, but do not run the entire 5 easy), strides, plyo, core, stretching (note: Brendan and Aiden will be late to practice as we are meeting with XC captains after school. Please wait for them! I want you guys training together this week. Thank you!)

Tues., May 22

[roads + speed on track]