It was wet in Unionville. It was muddy, sloppy, and slippery. One of the buses randomly left for a while. So we had our challenges. Still, we had a lot of outstanding performances and everyone ran tough in the mud. Michael Donnelly had fastest time of the day for our boys, and Connie Katcavage, coming off an injury, was the top girl. The results are HERE.  We will talk more about the race at practice on Tuesday.

Please train today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday-holiday). Training Cycle #2 — the most important cycle of the season — has commenced. You can find the workouts HERE.

If you have photos or video from the race, please share with us!

Next race is the league meet on Wednesday vs. Radnor and Upper Darby, at Upper Darby. See you there!  Go Fords!

(Photo credit: Pam Fingerhut)