Preseason Week #1 at Haverford College, 8:00am, back parking lot

Monday, Aug. 13, 2018

Practice cancelled due to heavy rain and thunder/lightning.  If you can’t run, please cross train today! Running assignments:

Varsity boys: 7 miles easy

Varsity girls: 6 miles easy

Everyone else: 3-5 miles easy

Tues., Aug. 14

At Haverford College – Welcome and introduction, (bring your team dues, paper work, and proper gear), take official roll, talk through preseason plan. Warm up and stretch, ‘pop quiz’, warm-down, treats and chat

Wed., Aug. 15

‘Practice how we practice’ – Coach Clinton leads lesson on injury prevention, proper warm-up, all stretches, drills, yoga, breathing practice. Easy/recovery run.  Core, warm down, stretch.  

Thurs., Aug. 16

Warm up and stretch (WU/S), hills and 800 repeats on grass, warm down and stretch (WD/S).

Fri. Aug. 17

WU/S, Prediction Run(!!!) + easy distance, core, WD/S

Sat., Aug. 18 – on your own (remember – Car Wash #1 is today!)

Groups A and B – if you feel good, do a six-mile run with a hard 2 miles in the middle. For example, run glide pace to Penn Wynne Park, or the college, or the Reserve, and do 2 miles of push pace on the grass/trail, then run glide pace home.  Stretch, core, lift weights.

Groups C and D – do the same — run hard in the middle — but only do 4 miles total.

Sun., Aug. 19 – on your own

Sunday long run

Preseason Week #2 – HHS – 8:00am – meet under our XC tree, near the stadium

Mon., Aug. 20

Roads distance (glide pace), fartlek on grass

Tues., Aug. 21

Recovery: easy distance and flexibility

Wed., Aug. 22

Powder Mill glide pace, pyramid intervals on grass (Pica’s Pizza at 6:00pm!)

Thurs., Aug. 23

Bus to Rose Tree, recovery run on course, flexibility

Fri., Aug. 24

Jog to Penn Wynne, hills and tempo, jog (or bus) back

Sat., Aug. 25

Cross train/easy distance/flexibility

Sun., Aug. 26

Long run

Preseason Week #3 – HHS – 8:00am – meet under our XC tree, near the stadium

Mon., Aug. 27

Bus to Valley Forge, intervals in the park, team picnic in the shade

Tues., Aug. 28

Recovery day – easy run and INTRO TO NEW WEIGHT ROOM PROCEDURE.

Wed., Aug. 29

Intervals on grass, short speed session on track.

Thurs., Aug. 30

Coopertown recovery run, discuss race day, easy weight session, UNIFORMS

Friday, Aug. 31 – RACE DAY

Great Valley Scrimmage Meet – bus at 1:30pm

Saturday, Sept. 1

Recovery, cross train, easy distance, flexibility

Sunday, Sept. 2

Long Run

Mon. Sept. 3

9:00am – meet at HHS, short tempo run + short speed work, flexibility, easy lifting session

Tues., Sept. 4

Recovery run, weights/core/myrtle.

Wed., Sept. 5 – RACE DAY – Rescheduled! 


Thurs., Sept. 6


Fri., Sept. 7

Pre-race easy day. flexibility

Sat. Sept. 8 – Race Day – Unionville Two Mile Bash